The Interloper

Trade paperback 

Finalist, Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book (Canada & Caribbean Region) 


(SHORT STORIES) Trade paperback, Goose Lane Editions (April 1995) ISBN-10: 0864921551, ISBN-13: 978-0864921550. *To purchase, click The Interloper.

About the book . . .

From the publisher: “The astonishing stories in The Interloper capture the moment when ambivalence floods the new immigrant’s consciousness. Regret and nostalgia take turns overwhelming and being overwhelmed by rosy expectations, and only drastic measures stave off paralysis and ruin.”

Praise for The Interloper . . .

“Rabindranath Maharaj is a breath of fresh air . . . His hope is infectious; his skill a pleasure; his stories a real awakening.”
Books in Canada

“This book is wonderful! . . . The individual stories are rich and captivating. The whole is remarkable. Rabindranath Maharaj is a first-rate writer who deserves a wide readership and high acclaim.”
Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“The myths and self-flatteries surrounding Canada, immigration and multi-culturalism cry out for satire. The Interloper explores this territory, its satiric edge cutting in all directions. Pieties are for puncturing. No sentiment, no safe place, and sympathy only for those who earn it with real suffering . . . those are the rules of Maharaj’s stories.”
Calgary Herald

“Some of the best Caribbean fiction these days is coming from the exiles, the writers who for one reason or another have settled in Toronto or New York or London and are torn between two worlds, between restlessness and nostalgia, ambition and roots . . . Maharaj writes with a welcome humour and irony, free of the overt bitterness and anger that sours so much writing from the diaspora.”
Caribbean Beat

“…complex explorations of the subject of home and displacement at multiple levels . . . the collection is enlivened by wit and humour and layered, expressive language.”
Quill & Quire

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